In July 2008, my son & I went to Bucharest and visited 3 of the orphanages that Nick & Viorica Duta have forged relationships with. During our time there, we were able to participate in a July birthday celebration for the children at one of the orphanages, several lunches out with the children, and a trip for some of the children to Pelesh Castle and Bran Castle — all of these activities would not be available to the children without both the help of His Little Ones (HLO) and the dedication of Nick & Viorica Duta.

This young man was successfully treated for a life-threatening infection that was otherwise not treatable in Bucharest.

We were also able to reconnect with a young man at one of the orphanages who was greatly impacted earlier that year when HLO brought him to the United States for surgery. HLO planned and arranged treatment, and provided required funding to help this young man. The skill, kindness, and generosity of a medical specialist here in the USA and HLO’s financial provision ensured this young man was successfully healed from a life-threatening infection that was not treatable in Bucharest.

Through activities like these, and through the frequent contact that Nick & Viorica are able to have with these orphans, the children at our partner orphanges are able to experience the love of Christ hands-on, to have wise and loving counsel, and to have access to the teachings of God. Even the staff at the residences get to see Christ through the care and love of HLO.

– David North